The passport application process does not have to be overwhelming and confusing. If you follow the simple steps through our service (for expediting passports), your child passport can be ready in as little as 24 hours! We also offer some useful tips to obtain an expedited passport for your kids. Remember: The child passport cannot be renewed. It is considered a new minor passport each time until the applicant is 16 or older, when they must then apply for a new adult passport. One of the greatest benefits of using our expedited passport service is that you have access to a team of professional passport expeditors. For over 12 years our staff has processed hundreds of thousands of U.S. passports, visas, and international driving permits. We have seen it all and heard it all. If you need an expedited child passport, we can help.

Some Useful Tips to Obtain an Expedited Passport for Your Kids

Below you will find helpful strategies that will ensure your kids' passport is ready in time for your trip. We also have a helpful Resources guide with a thorough FAQ section.

Take Your Time

The passport process takes time. If you are not using an expedited service, expect your passport application to take 4-6 weeks. If there are any issues with your application or documents, it may take longer.

Gather The Correct Documents

Make sure you follow the Instructional Checklist if you are using our expedited service. Each step is thoroughly explained and has simple, easy-to-use instructions for each section. Additionally we offer a passport document pre-check service.

Apply Early

The sooner you apply, the cheaper it is. Though we have service speeds as fast as 24 hours, you will save money applying early and having more time. Our processing times are based on when we get the documents from you.

Get Acceptable Passport Photos

Passport photos are held to a high standard. You should visit a CVS, Walgreens, or professional passport photo service. You can also use our digital passport photo screening/ printing service if you are using expedited passport service.

Remember Consent Forms (if applicable)

Part of having the correct documentation for a child passport includes the correct consent forms. An acceptance agent is needed to verify the signatures and identity of the applicant and of the parents too. This is usually the post office or county clerk. If one or both parents cannot be available at the acceptance agency, you will need notarized consent forms. 

Pay Attention to Expiration Date

The child passport is only valid for 5 years. Adult passports are valid for 10 years. The child passport cannot be renewed. It is considered a new minor passport each time until the applicant is 16 or older, when they must then apply for a new adult passport. Please check the date and remember it!

Procedure for Obtaining Passport for Kids 15 Years of Age and Under

How it works for a child passport: You must start on our Instructional Checklist on our website. You will gather the documents and passport photos and take them to the acceptance agent. They verify the signatures and photos, and then seal them up. Both parents must be present with the child. If both parents cannot be present, then you must get a consent form notarized (from our website). Then you send us the sealed envelope. We get the passport made in two weeks or less however fast you need it, guaranteed.



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