According to the most recent Passport Agent’s Reference Guide concerning 
passport services, Chapter 10, section 11 states that a customer is entitled to 
use a 3rd party courier and have their sealed envelope returned to them. If you 
have any questions, we may be contacted at 1-877-910-7277
Chapter 10
Handling, Assembling and mailing of Applications
11. “Hand-Carry” Executed Applications.
Executed applications may be returned to the customer, or an authorized third-party, in a sealed 
envelope, to be hand-carried to a Passport Agency, provided the customer:
 - Demonstrates an imminent travel need; or 
 - Needs one or more visas without sufficient time to mail the application or within 4 weeks; or 
 - Has imminent departure and his/her federal agency requests that the customer forward the 
 executed application to that Agency’s headquarters. 
Procedures for “Hand Carries”
If the customer wants a third party (such as a courier service, relative, or friend) to hand-carry the 
application to a Passport Agency, she/he must provide written permission to release the executed 
application and documentation. She/he must sign a letter authorizing a specific person or service to 
hand-carry the application and/or pick up the completed passport. 

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